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Your Horoscope – April 10, 2019


With warm weather around the corner, you’re excited about the different getaways you’re planning. Your curiosity will be piqued and you’ll need to find an answer to a question you’ve been asking.


You’ll take the initiative to make changes that could lead you to the other side of the world. At work, a coveted position will become available.


You won’t be able to stay in one place this week, but you’ll regain a sense of well being. A spiritual movement could bring you the answers you’ve been looking for.


You’ll be absorbed by an original idea that allows you to create your next masterpiece or to perform an act of generosity towards someone you know.


You’ll feel pressure at work but your active social life will help you blow off a little steam. You’ll be happy to organize an event that brings people together.


You’ll discover a path that brings you closer to achieving your professional goals. Training will help you attain or at least identify your objectives.


Let yourself get carried away when making plans for your next summer vacation. You’ll need lots of time to plan the perfect trip with your loved ones.


You’ll feel more sensitive than usual and some rest will be necessary to avoid taking a situation too personally. You’ll consider taking a vacation to recuperate and balance your emotions.


It’s always easier to negotiate with people you aren’t emotionally attached to. This week, you’ll get along with everybody except your children.


Your professional sphere is expanding and you stand to profit from this. Trust your instincts and organizational skills and you’ll create a place for yourself among the biggest names in your field.


You’ll be praised for an accomplishment you view as ordinary. Even if it was seen as heroic, all you did was listen to a person in distress and help them.


You’ll take care of your family, your home and everything else in your daily life. Professionally, you could start a business from home.

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