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Your Horoscope – April 24, 2019


You’ll undertake an adventure that requires a lot of planning. Learning something new will make you see the future in a different way.


You’ll spend quality time with loved ones, which will help alleviate some tension. They’ll trust you with information that will enable you to understand the situation in a different way.


You’ll give someone you love some much-needed attention. There are adjustments to be made in your relationship, and partaking in a few activities together may help solve some problems that have been bothering you for too long.


At work, you’ll hear talk of a position that’s perfectly in line with your career goals. Some effort and patience will be required before you’re satisfied with the situation.


You’ll find yourself in the spotlight, even if you don’t relish the attention. You’ll be praised for an impressive accomplishment. You’re a lover of justice, and one way or another you’ll perform a heroic act.


You’ll spend some of the week at home because your family needs you. You may also need to prepare for a move. You’ll start to think about buying or selling a property.


You’ll bite your tongue and think carefully about what you have to say this week. Your comments will have long-term impact and may even make their way around the world via the internet.


You deserve to spoil yourself. You’ll spend lots of time shopping this week and a dose of retail therapy will help lift your spirits.


There will be lots of action in the coming days. Your perseverance and zeal will work to your advantage. A celebration is in order when your income increases considerably.


You may start to feel the weight of accumulated fatigue; a night of insomnia is enough to slowdown more than one project. New eating habits could be the solution to this ongoing problem.


At work, you’ll be responsible for organizing an important meeting. Your social life will be just as busy and you may participate in a sporting competition.


Don’t be afraid of a career change. New responsibilities could bring you better working conditions. Free time will be in short supply this week.

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