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Your Horoscope – May 1, 2019


You’ll be surrounded by people this week. Despite causing you some stress, you’ll be thankful for the human contact as there will be silence at home.


Your time management skills will be tested this week as you fit extra responsibilities into your daily activities. You’ll have an epiphany concerning your career.


You may receive an invitation to take a trip with some friends. Consider taking a spiritual voyage; a pilgrimage could prove very rewarding.


You’ll feel the need to make some changes in your life. Your daily routine could start to bore you and you’ll decide to follow your passions.


It’s hard to please everyone but you’ll do just that this week. At work, you’ll accomplish a task or close a deal others thought was impossible.


Work will be stressful this week. You’ll use your inner strength to clean up the mess with diplomacy and compassion.


You’ll be praised both at work and in your community. You’ll make a significant impact and be put on a pedestal, much to your delight.


People will gather at your home this week. If you have young children, don’t be surprised if they invite their friends to participate in the activities you organize.


You’ll have a lot to say this week. You’ll run into friends you haven’t seen for years and talk to them for hours.


You’ll spend lots of time in stores this week but it won’t be to build a summer wardrobe. You’ll be influenced by your friends, which won’t be good for your credit card.


You’ll be motivated this week and come up with new ideas and initiatives. You’ll bring together a group of friends for an impromptu project.


You’ll accept an invitation to the spa where you’ll enjoy a relaxing massage. You need to rest and recharge your batteries.

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