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Your Horoscope – May 29, 2019


You’ll have an action packed week and put ideas that inspire you into practice. Our greatest achievements grow out of our dreams.


Someone close to you might need your assistance. You’ll feel weighed down by health issues or growing fatigue. Take the time to recharge and recover.


You’ll enlarge your social circle and professional network. You’ll take the reins planning a large-scale event that turns out to be a huge success.


You’ll feel overburdened with professional and familial responsibilities. If you have young children, you’ll actively involve yourself in their year-end scholastic activities.


The time has come to plan your next holiday. Indulge yourself with a trip worthy of royalty. There will be many small tasks to take care of in preparation of an event that will be well attended.


Are you feeling frantic and emotional? Big disruptions such as a move are on the horizon. You’ll need to make profound changes in order to give yourself a stronger foundation.


Your love life will occupy much of your attention during the week. The main goal will be to work with your partner to plan your future together. If you’re single, you’ll become more proactive in seeking out your soul mate.


You’ll pay special attention to your health. You might start a new diet that will prove to be quite effective. The results will show quickly and many people will imitate you in order to have the same success.


You’ll stand out in a big way within a group. You’ll be fairly proud of this and feel emboldened. This will bolster your reputation as a leader among your peers and possibly within the company you work for.


You’ll decide to buy or sell a new property on a whim. You’ll find a place that suits your family’s needs perfectly – even if it’s a last-minute decision.


You’ll have lots to talk about. You’ll give a speech and be warmly applauded. Also, you’ll reach out to people who can help you resolve a financial matter.


You’ll have a lot of shopping to do this week. Don’t worry too much about getting the best price or about negotiating the best repayment conditions for a loan; you’ll save money on the interest payments.

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