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Your Horoscope – June 5, 2019


If you moved recently, you’ll need to redecorate to give the place a personal touch. Also, someone in your family might announce a pregnancy. Taking a professional course over the summer could be advantageous.


People will confide their innermost secrets to you because you’re a trustworthy and discreet person. Some revelations will be quite unusual and might leave you perplexed.


It will take you longer than you expect to get around. You might have to chauffeur your friends on several occasions. Try to get a hold of a map, a GPS or at least some good driving directions.


If you need to make an important acquisition, mull over the transaction for at least a day. This will ensure you get the best price.


It’s important that you get some rest. At work, you’ll need a second cup of coffee to get your brain going and recover your productivity. You’ll be particularly creative and your intuition will be right on point.


Your plans could change at the last minute. For example, your friends might cancel an event you organized. Fortunately, this will give you time to relax and you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet.


You’ll organize an event such as a housewarming, anniversary or birthday party that will bring a lot of people together. It will end up being a total success. You’ll be popular socially, professionally or in some other manner.


You’ll stumble upon important details relevant to a course or professional training program. Should you attend it, spectacular developments lie ahead of you. You feel the need to broaden your horizons.


If you have young kids, you’ll start to worry about how to occupy them over the summer. You might want to put aside some time to choose a summer camp.


At work, you’ll achieve a certain amount of success by taking the time to negotiate, ask questions and finalize agreements. Once you’ve re-established order, the people living under your roof will start to get along better.


Whatever project you’re working on, it’s essential that you take the time to attend to every detail and complete the preparatory steps. By proceeding in this way, you’ll mark a great achievement and be widely emulated.


You’ll set yourself apart and win admiration in some way. It might be with a new summer look that makes people take notice like never before.

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