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Your Horoscope – July 31, 2019


You’ll enjoy tender moments with your family. You’ll also bury the hatchet with a close friend you’ve had conflict with in the past. Your attention will be on a member of your family.


Take the time to explore the area you’ve recently moved to — you’re sure to make some great discoveries. You’ll be on the move and your children may see you as a taxi. A business trip is possible. Your phone won’t stop ringing.


You may be in the middle of your vacation, but that won’t stop your boss from offering you a promotion that will increase your income and your client base. You may be faced with some unexpected expenses.


There’s lots of action on the way and many surprises in store for you. Your friends will suggest some exciting activities. Let yourself be carried away by spontaneous decisions that are sure to bring you joy.


It’s time to cleanse your circle of friends. By eliminating parasites, you’ll appreciate your true friends more and your leisure activities will become more satisfying.


Your social life is certainly very active. You’ll be in charge of organizing an event that successfully brings people together. You have to wait for some people to catch up.


Either on your own, with a family member or a business partner, you’ll take the initial steps in starting a big project. Don’t be surprised to hear from your boss while you’re on vacation; they can’t manage without you.


Being on vacation won’t stop you from dreaming about your next adventure. You may also spontaneously decide to return to your studies at the beginning of the new school year.


Don’t be afraid of change; in this case, it will only make things better. A romantic getaway or an adventure with friends will be the perfect end to a vacation already filled with great memories.


Give yourself a makeover and don’t spare any expense. New clothes will look good and be necessary for your new responsibilities at work. Customers will be impressed by your presence.


You’ll get a promotion that will allow you to pay off most of your debts. Working overtime will further help your financial situation. Don’t neglect your health or your partner.


People will be impressed with your dynamic ideas. You’ll find yourself on a pedestal and receive admiration from all sides. You’ll accomplish something that people will applaud for a long time.

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