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Your Horoscope – August 14, 2019


Time is sparse, so you’ll have no choice but to plan your activities precisely. Relinquishing some control is necessary to relieve some stress. Take the time to catch up with old friends.


Allow yourself some time off before the end of the summer. You’ll need to pay close attention to details, especially if you’re planning a business trip. You’ll also find yourself letting go and having some fun, no matter the consequences.


This will be an emotional time and you may find yourself going overboard. Be careful with your spending, even if you’re tempted to make impulsive purchases. Treat yourself with moderation.


You’ll find yourself dressing with care for an event. You’ll invest in your image for professional or personal reasons. One thing’s for sure, you’ll want to look good in all situations.


You’ll have a mountain of urgent work to get through. You’ll be generously compensated for your efforts financially and with a big promotion. Your new lover has something to propose.


Your sense of esthetics will reach new heights, and you’ll create one masterpiece after another in your daily life. Your patience will pay off in one way or another. Magic will ignite in one of your relationships.


You may spend part of the week at home. If you have young children, you’ll have lots to do, especially with the school year starting soon. If you’re single, be prepared for a surprising encounter.


You’ll be on the move and you may be gone for longer than expected. Don’t refuse invitations from your friends; you need to blow off some steam and have fun. The sale of your home will be very profitable.


You’ll strive to find solutions to financial problems. Don’t hesitate to consult your friends or a professional to get the facts straight. You’ll get the financing you need to start a project.


With so much going on, time is passing at lightning speed. You’ll profit from your creativity. Against all odds, a new project will soon be worth its weight in gold. Rest is necessary; try to release your pent-up energy.


Even when time is in demand, perseverance and determination will help you reach your goals. At work, you’ll have to love what you do to feel like you’re in the right place for the long haul.


You’ll have a busy social life after organizing an event that brings people together. To your surprise, your extraordinary imagination will help you create a masterpiece.

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