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Your Horoscope – August 28, 2019


You’ll have to work twice as hard to accomplish your goals this week. There’s a good chance you’ll be warmly applauded and congratulated for a brilliant achievement.


Family life will demand a lot of energy, but luckily, you’ll get lots of gratitude in return. Those closest to you will feel confident around you. You’ll spend a lot of time at home.


You’ll be on the move this week, playing taxi for your children. Don’t forget to bring your GPS or check the directions before you leave. You’ll get some news from someone abroad.


You’ll have some details to work out with your bank manager. Good communication sets the record straight in your personal life. This will give you more reason to break out of your shell and assert yourself.


Lots of action lies ahead. You may even take up a new sport with someone interesting. Your love life will be an exciting adventure. At work, you’ll discover new ways to increase your revenue.


Avoid burning the candle at both ends, especially if your health isn’t at its best. Good time with friends will help you relax. You’ll discover a new spiritual approach that will improve your well-being.


It’s time to update your work wardrobe. New clothes and a revamped look may help increase your self-confidence. Your creativity will be an asset in your professional development.


You’ll take a leading role in an important meeting at work or with your family. To your amazement, you’ll be calm under pressure and perform great feats that settle the problems around you.


If you’re in school or undergoing training of any kind, you’ll find a professional path that corresponds with your dreams and values. A spontaneous trip may be planned.


Your emotions will be all over the place this week. Take time to talk to your loved ones about your concerns. You’ll be surprised by their understanding, which will help put your mind at ease.


It’s easier to get along with people you don’t have emotional attachments to. Avoid talking about money with family members. It’ll take patience to find harmony after a period of chaos and upheaval.


At work, you’ll find yourself dealing with an emergency. Put on your white gloves to deal with a particular colleague or client. You’ll also need tact and diplomacy to reach an understanding with some people, including your partner.

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