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Your Horoscope – September 4, 2019


Even if you’ve just gone back to work, you’re already bored of the routine and need a change. Make a plan and start to take the necessary steps. Slowly but surely, you’ll get there. This daring idea will prove profitable in the long run.


It’s easier to get along with people you don’t have an emotional connection to. One of your children will lack discipline and try your patience this week. Always a diplomat, you’ll succeed in resolving a big conflict.


There will be lots of details to keep track of this week. At work, you’ll be in charge of organizing an event that brings people together, but some will be hard to get in touch with. Be patient, they’ll call you back eventually.


At work or in your personal life, your leadership skills are required. You’ll work hard to make two different groups come to an agreement. You’ll be considered a hero for saving the situation, and others will be grateful for your bravery.


One of your kids may make you late, causing you to rush to make it to your appointments on time. Now that the kids are leaving the nest, the family home is too big. It may be time to downsize.


You’ll be on the move this week. Whether it’s at work or in your family, there will be lots of confusion to clear up. A shocking secret may be revealed. New friendships will spontaneously develop.


You’ll finally get the financing you’ve been waiting for to get a big project started. You may want to start a small business at home or with a family member. Your inspiration and intuition will show you which path to follow.


There’s lots going on, but you may still have the feeling that things aren’t advancing quickly enough. You’ll have some spectacular ideas to propose and your lover will be the first to be impressed.


Your health may slow you down a little. Use this time to step back and make a plan for your future, both professionally and personally. Your spirituality will become more important to you.


Your stress levels will be high, but you’ll use the resulting increase in energy to become more efficient. When your back is to the wall, magic happens. It will be love at first sight, but if you’re not single, you’ll be left confused.


At work, you’ll be given new responsibilities that don’t necessarily match your skills. Happily, it’s what you need to propel you towards a big promotion. You’ll also get the go ahead to take on a new and exciting project.


Seeing students hit the books inspires you to go back to school yourself. Your new skills will offer you better opportunities in the future. A romantic getaway will put the spark back in your relationship.

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