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Your Horoscope – September 11, 2019


Crowds, responsibilities and stress will dominate a big part of the week. Try to relax — if you don’t, your health will suffer. Unwinding will do you much good.


Even if your schedule is full of professional and personal obligations, take some time to disconnect and visit good friends you haven’t seen lately. Happy hour with colleagues will be worthwhile.


If your relationship has been neglected due to one or both of you working overtime, you’ll want to take a trip to get the spark back. A family conflict will finally be resolved.


There will be lots of excitement in the air this week. Your child’s accomplishment (their first steps or a graduation, for example) will make you emotional.


You’ll weigh the pros and cons for a long time before making a big decision. Gather all the information necessary and then let your intuition guide you. If you’ve been single for a long time, you may receive a marriage proposal.


There’s lots of work ahead and many details to attend to. You’ll also finalize a deal or settle a dispute that will require your leadership. You’ll be proud of this and may receive accolades for your efforts.


Put your best face forward. Take the time to spoil yourself, rebuild your wardrobe or even change your look completely. You’ll improve yourself in some way and attract attention thanks to your confidence and charm.


You’ll devote much of your time to your family and/or home. You may also take up a regular activity with a friend that allows you to let loose and have fun. Negotiations with certain people may be drawn out.


You won’t hold your tongue, even if you’re sometimes misunderstood. Lead by example so your words are clear. Affection is part of a healthy and stable relationship.


There will be unexpected expenses this week. However, you’ll be able to negotiate a loan from the bank to avoid straining your budget. Sometimes, you need to gain the upper hand before someone helps you out.


It’s a busy week, and you’ll accomplish something that people will talk about for a long time to come. Make yourself available for a family member that needs your support. After restructuring at work, you’ll come out ahead.


Think before starting any new project now. You’re not the type to listen to opinions, even when your decisions affect others. It would do you good to develop a sense of team spirit, especially in your relationship.

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