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Your Horoscope – October 23, 2019


Your ego may take a hit this week, but you’ll find a way to rise above. Make sure you don’t bend the rules to do so. Luckily, you speak only words of wisdom.


There are several family obligations that need to be taken care of. You may also be forced to stay home for a part of the week to make sure important work gets done before winter starts.


You may be running in all directions this week, and the phone won’t stop ringing. Avoid criticizing your partner — or anyone else — to ensure that your interactions are peaceful.


You may have unexpected home or family expenses crop up this week. Try to respect your budget as much as possible. If you have young children, disciplining them will be necessary.


With the cold weather approaching, you’ll look for ways to keep yourself in shape. You’ll join a gym or club to keep yourself moving all winter.


There’s no need to rush when making your decision, so take the time to think it over. You’ll get to where you need to be if you let yourself be guided by life. Pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you.


Watch where you step. You may make a mistake that will leave more than one person laughing. Luckily, only your ego will be hurt and you’ll succeed in diffusing a tense situation.


Time will be scarce this week. Try to avoid making too many appointments on the same day, as they may overlap. A vacation may be just what you need.


With the days growing shorter, you may start to plan a last-minute trip. What’s more, you’ll be taken over by the need to let loose and party.


You’ll be more sensitive than usual, and something will happen that leads you to make a big life change. At work, the competition will tempt you with an offer of better working conditions and more opportunities for advancement.


Treat yourself to the makeover you’re dreaming of. You’re the perfect person to negotiate an excellent price or a better deal for you and your group.


At work, you’ll find yourself dealing with emergencies and difficult cases. This situation will prove very profitable in the future, because you’ll gain new skills you can apply throughout your career.

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