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Your Horoscope – October 30, 2019


Emotions will run high this week, lending you a burst of creative inspiration. You’ll develop a closer bond with someone after taking care of them. They’ll be happy to do the same for you eventually.


It’s easier to get along with people you’re not emotionally attached to. One of your children knows just how to play with your emotions to get what they want.


A slight ailment will get a bit worse this week. Luckily, this leads you to consult a specialist who will help you find the right treatment.


You’ll accomplish something you’ll be especially proud of. This will boost your self-esteem. You may be able to save someone from an unfortunate situation.


You’ll reach your health goals more quickly by simply changing the way you eat. Also, you’ll be inspired to start a small business from your home that could turn into something big.


You won’t mince your words this week. Your phone will be ringing off the hook with invitations from your friends to join them for all sorts of fun.


Don’t be surprised if you get a promotion that comes with a generous salary increase. Discretion is necessary because there are jealous people around.


There will be tons going on this week, and you’ll spend quality time with the people you love. With a little organization, certain obligations will be lots of fun, even if they’re work-related.


You’ll find it necessary to take more care and consideration than usual this week. Also, you’ll gain insight from a flash of creativity and immediately start working on a masterpiece. Get out of the house for a bit, you could use some fresh air.


If you’re single, you’ll receive several invitations this week. Make your social life a priority and people will want to spend time with you. Your clientele will also grow.


There are a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders right now. Luckily, you’re incredibly organized. There won’t seem to be enough time to get everything done but tight scheduling will make it possible.


A vacation may be on the horizon. To make it happen, all you need to do is dream about it or apply the law of attraction. Professionally, opportunities for extra training should be undertaken as they’ll prove profitable.

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