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Your Horoscope – November 13, 2019


Money is an important part of life and you’ll finally be able to invest some of it in your future. You may also start a personal project you’ll continue in retirement.


Life is never calm with young children around, especially when they invite their friends over. Happily, the chaos won’t stop you from spoiling and loving them. You’ll benefit from a nice raise this week.


Reflection is necessary before turning thoughts into action. If you’re wondering about your professional future, you’ll have some inspiration that could lead you to an exciting career. Friends will invite you to join them for some fun activities.


After a period of great stress, it’s important to take some time to recover and rest. You’ll appreciate activities that are on the quiet side this week. Someone close to you will need your help to get through a chaotic time in their life.


Your network will expand this week and you may make some new friends, even in a professional context. If you’re single, love at first sight could be waiting at the next happy hour gathering.


You may start to think about living abroad for a period. At work, you’ll be in contact with people from all over the world, which will be very beneficial. In your love life, a getaway will reignite your passion.


If your partner is of a different culture, you both may need to make certain adjustments; avoid making rash decisions. A more balanced approach to household chores will be appreciated.


You’ll feel your emotions with a new intensity, which will reveal the artist within you. You have a finely developed attention to detail and the audacity to do things differently.


At work, you’ll need to fine-tune the details of a negotiation before closing the deal. In your love life, don’t worry, your soulmate is planning a spectacular marriage proposal.


Your self-esteem will grow, allowing you to reach for more prestigious positions at work. Some effort will be necessary to maintain an active social life. You’ll be tasked with putting an event together for friends.


You’ll win a popularity contest this week in one way or another. People will gather around you and hang on to your every word, even if it’s silly. At home, a deep clean is necessary before company comes over.


You’ll be on the move this week, either for work or for your health or that of a loved one. Be prepared to debate certain points. Your arguments need to be fair and precise for your opinion to be heard.

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