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Your Horoscope – November 27, 2019


If your family is spread out across the country, you’ll start to plan a tour in order to visit everyone over the holidays. If not, you’ll take a trip with those closest to you.


You’ll master the art of speaking and negotiation. At work or elsewhere, you’ll succeed in reaching an agreement, notably for financing a particular project. You’ll do everything in your power to please a maximum number of people.


You’ll have a great success at work, especially if you’re in sales. You’ll build your customer base to the point that management will have no choice but to promote you. You’ll also be very skilled at dealing with small details.


At work, it’s important that you present yourself impeccably in order to be a success. A sense of levity will also be appreciated by your bosses. In your love life, passion will give way to a more serious commitment.


There may be some minor family conflicts to resolve. Don’t hesitate to speak candidly, because silence carries the risk of causing turmoil. You might bring your work home some evenings.


You certainly won’t keep your thoughts to yourself and there will be somebody to debate with in all circumstances. At work, you’ll expand your clientele and make some new friends.


Check the pockets of your winter coat to find some money forgotten there last year. In your love life, you must communicate openly, if only to get the affection you desire.


You’ll be very dynamic this week and start to organize the different activities you’ll participate in during the coming weeks. You’ll be generous and present at all of your holiday celebrations this year.


They say that speech is silver but silence is golden. You’ll benefit from an extraordinary source of inspiration. The comfort of your home will allow you to create a work of art or to open yourself to a spiritual practice.


Friends are an important part of your life, and it’s time to clean up your social circle. You may also develop friendships with colleagues after certain events.


It’s normal to let loose after a brilliant accomplishment or finishing a long-term project. You won’t have to wait too long before being asked to celebrate with friends and colleagues.


You’ll have a great time and procrastination will dominate everything. It’s necessary to relax from time to time. Fortunately, you’ll work hard later on in order to avoid any type of delay.

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