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Your Horoscope – December 18, 2019


You’ll find yourself placed on a pedestal. You’ll accomplish something remarkable or even heroic. You may also get involved in volunteer work for which you’ll receive compensation or recognition.


You may make last minute changes to your holiday plans. You may also decide to redecorate your home. A family member will need some extra attention.


You may decide to buy yourself a car for Christmas. You’ll need to be in many places at once to complete your holiday shopping and everything else on your to-do list. Many little details will need serious thought.


Your credit card will get quite the workout this week as you treat yourself and your family. There may be a hiccup when the time comes to pay your bills. In your love life, you’ll need lots of attention and affection from your partner.


Your energy will be up and down this week. You’ll regain your vitality within a few days of the solstice, even if it’s the shortest day of the year. You’ll also have many ideas and activities to break your routine.


You dream of a perfect world where harmony reigns, but the reality is often very different. Avoid reading the news this week and immerse yourself in the world of a book that suits your fantasies.


Your presence will be required at a large gathering. You’ll organize an event that will attract an impressive crowd. A spontaneous family trip may be planned.


You’ll find yourself planning holiday celebrations by yourself. You’ll realize that there are lots of preparations to finish and that time is running short. An outing with friends is an obvious escape.


When you receive many invitations for the festivities to come, you may start to dream about escaping the winter and burying your feet in the sand under the warm tropical sun.


You’ll be very sensitive this week and it won’t take much to bring a tear to your eye. Changes are necessary to improve your mood. The holidays will also surely bring your smile back.


It’s not always easy to please everyone, despite your best efforts and the compromises you’re willing to make. You’ll need to walk on eggshells and weigh the pros and cons when dealing with a difficult situation at work.


You’ll be extremely efficient and finish the week’s tasks successfully, both at work and while preparing your home for guests. Your attention to detail will ensure that everything is perfect.

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