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Your Horoscope – December 25, 2019


With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll decide to concentrate on your relationship. Take time between obligations to put your worries to rest. Try to have some fun and maybe even take off on an adventure.


Unexpectedly, your boss will give you new responsibilities that look strangely like a promotion and a generous pay increase to match. Venturing into the unknown could mean personal and professional success.


If you’re single, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to meet someone interesting. Your interpersonal skills will help you find a solution to a family conflict and ensure a harmonious holiday season.


Even if it wasn’t the plan, almost all the holiday festivities will take place at your home, so get ready. You’ll need to approach certain family members with sensitivity.


You’ll probably make a spectacle of yourself in one way or another. At work, your efforts will be recognized before the end of the year. In love, this is a magical time for marriage proposals.


You’ll try to stick to a budget, but your generosity will get the better of you as you spoil your loved ones. You may also be faced with an unexpected expense. Luckily, you’ll be generously compensated for working overtime.


You may be the one to try to make everyone smile. You may consider buying yourself a new car for Christmas. Be careful on the road.


As we reach the end of the year, you may start to feel exhausted. Eating well will help and give you the energy you’ll need to celebrate properly.


An adventurer at heart, you’ll inspire your family to try new activities during the holidays. Sparing no expense, you’ll spontaneously book a plane ticket, hotel room or something else to bring your loved ones together in an enchanting environment.


Don’t wait until your guests arrive to decorate and prepare for the party. It would be good to learn to let go in order to appreciate the moment and accept that things aren’t always perfect.


Your social nature helps you bring a record number of people to your next bash. Likewise, you’ll be surprised when everyone in your family accepts your invitation, meaning there will be more people than ever at your holiday dinner.


You’ll find yourself with more responsibility than expected when certain people who were supposed to help don’t show up. Your boss may need you when you’re trying to spend time with your family.

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