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Your Horoscope – January 1, 2020


A little reflection is required this week. Spend some time assessing the best and worst parts of the past year before making your New Year’s resolutions. You’ll also be drawn to a new form of spirituality.


You’ll be responsible for an event that brings together many of your closest friends and family members. You’ll also accomplish something that will be remembered for many years. If you’re single, a quiet office will make you see a colleague in a new light.


It’s time to clean up after a season of parties. You’re a great host and organized a memorable event for your whole family. Don’t be late for the countdown on New Year’s Eve!


If you buy a lottery ticket with family, don’t be surprised if you find yourselves with the means to finish off the year with a group vacation. At the very least, lots of fun will be had, and you’ll be on the receiving end of an immense generosity.


Someone divulges a family secret to you this week. You’ll be particularly sensitive and may make a speech that will move more than one person. You’ll need to deal with an emergency at work, even if you’re at a party.


It may be a good idea to distance yourself from conflicts in the family, especially if they don’t concern you. Or, you could save a situation by convincing two family members to bury the hatchet.


You’re not one to sit idly by so whether you’re the host or not, you’ll be involved in serving guests and making them feel welcome. In your love life, the magic of the holidays will help rekindle the spark.


You’ll find yourself in the spotlight this week. You’ll talk to everyone and make them laugh with your biting sarcasm. You may even be applauded, which would be great for your self-esteem.


You’ll spend the week with your family and devote much of your time to your children or elderly parents. You’ll also find a way to take a moment for yourself. A little alone time is great for the imagination.


You won’t keep your opinions to yourself this week. You put yourself in charge so that things go perfectly. Even if you step on some toes, the important thing is that you see tangible results.


You’ll have energy to spare this week. Despite a tight budget, the events that you organize are sure to be spectacular, thanks to your remarkable ideas and determination. Also, you can expect lots of affection in your relationship over the next few days.


There’s lots going on this week, and your numerous initiatives will surprise even you. People will blindly follow you, even if your ideas seem a bit crazy. You’ll organize a spontaneous party.

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