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Your Horoscope – February 5, 2020


If it’s been a while since your kids moved away from home, you may decide to sell the house in order to gain a little more freedom. If you’re in a new relationship, you can expect a marriage proposal.


There will be lots to talk about this week. At work, you’ll expand your client base and succeed in bringing your staff together to make things run more smoothly. Your suggestions and advice will be appreciated.


Finances are a source of stress for many. Take the time to get in touch with the right people who can help you find practical solutions and give you a break.


You’re practically ready to conquer the world. You’ll undoubtedly have the inspiration to take on a stimulating professional or personal challenge.


You appreciate good company and devote yourself to those you love. Some may take advantage of your good nature and you’ll let them continue to for a while.


It’ll be a stressful week for one reason or another. You’ll be motivated to take better care of yourself, if only by doing more exercise.


Unforeseen circumstances can put you behind schedule. Leave some time between appointments to avoid stressing if things run late. This is an excellent time to strike out on your own.


Some friends will invite you to join them on a spontaneous trip. Nothing brings you more joy than breaking up your winter routine and burying your feet in the warm sand.


You’ll experience a whole range of emotions. You may clean up your circle of friends, as some of them are parasites who don’t deserve your time.


You may be pressured to make a big decision. Before you do, however, you should take the time to gather all the available information so you can weigh the pros and cons.


At work, you’ll find yourself with a mountain of urgent work to be completed. This situation may be stressful, but it’ll prove useful to your professional development.


Even if you prefer to remain on the sidelines, you’ll be in the spotlight this week. You’ll find yourself in a situation that requires you to come out of your shell, such as on stage or in front of a crowd.

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