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Your Horoscope – February 26, 2020


A disconcerting image will allow you to create a masterpiece. You’ll make a lifestyle change in order to achieve your aspirations. Everything will be fine as long as you don’t swim against the current.


You’ll appreciate having some time to recharge your batteries. You’ll be more tired than usual, so you may need to spend a few days resting. You may also develop your artistic or esoteric talents.


With a more active social calendar than usual, you’ll expand your circle of acquaintances. You’ll join a group of friends in signing up to learn a new sport.


Some friends will invite you to join them on a tropical vacation. Pleasure is on the menu and your optimism will be contagious.


You may decide to go back to school in order to improve your career options. A sudden burst of inspiration will put you on the right track, but you’ll still need to make a considerable effort in order to succeed.


You’ll obtain the financing you need for a project that’s close to your heart. Don’t hesitate to consult with someone at your financial institution about consolidating your debts so that you can live more comfortably.


In order to keep your melancholy at bay, you’ll throw yourself into a cleaning frenzy at home. You’ll make some things clear with your partner before you consider separating.


In order to successfully finalize an agreement at work, you’ll need to fine-tune several documents before presenting them. You may also decide to update your wardrobe.


You’ll make some suggestions that your friends find interesting. Your accomplishments will bring you a lot of pride. Take the time to develop a talent that taps into your considerable creativity.


You cross paths with some inspiring people who expand your social circle. A great opportunity has you taking steps to move.


There’s a fine line between harmony and discord; sensitivity and affection are important in any relationship. Proper communication will make things better between the two of you.


There will be lots of action around you this week. If you like to travel, you’ll treat yourself to an adventure of a lifetime. A short jaunt away could also be memorable, even if you head off on your own.

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