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Your Horoscope – March 11, 2020


You’ll get the green light at work to take a course that could lead to new career opportunities. Abundance will follow. Your relationship could benefit from a break in the same old routine.


You’ll save someone from an unfortunate situation by simply listening for a few minutes. This person will be forever grateful to you.


You’ll probably hear about a birth in the family. Also, you’ll be faced with an opportunity to acquire a home that perfectly suits your needs and budget.


You’ll be motivated to get a new car. Or, you may be invited to join someone on an adventure. At work, you might have to negotiate with people who don’t speak your language.


You’ll find the solution to all your financial troubles. At work, you’ll have the opportunity to advance to a better position and benefit from the salary increase that comes with it.


Sometimes you get the feeling that life is moving too fast. Also, you’ll want to treat yourself at the mall. Take the opportunity to revamp your wardrobe and your style.


You’ll put aside your worries and fears and plunge head first into your passion. You’ll be inspired to create, which sets you on the right track to build your masterpiece.


People will ask a lot of you. At work and within your circle of friends, you’ll be very popular this week. Professionally, you’ll increase your client base.


After lengthy negotiations, the bank director will give you the green light to acquire a property or to finance a project that’s close to your heart. Your future will be all that you hope for.


You’ll plan a last-minute romantic getaway. You need to recharge your batteries and take the time to think about a situation that’s worrying you.


By changing your direction or objective, you’ll finally reach your full potential. No matter what your goals are, you’ll put everything you have into achieving them.


In your love life, you may consider marriage, if only to make you feel more secure. At work, you’ll negotiate more effectively if you’re not too emotionally involved.

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