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Your Horoscope – March 25, 2020


An action-packed week lies ahead. You may need to shake things up with certain people. Even if you’re a pacifist at heart, your inner warrior must come out sometimes.


You’ll have a spiritual awakening or epiphany this week. You’ll see things from a different perspective and with newfound compassion.


One of your friends will be a source of inspiration this week. This will help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Your path to happiness will be illuminated.


Expect a busy week ahead. It may be wise to space out your appointments to avoid having to postpone or cancel anything.


On a whim, you’ll make a decision that changes your life entirely. This may involve going back to school to start a new career.


The heart has reasons that the mind can’t comprehend. Even if you try to remain reasonable in the face of a strange situation, only your heart can decide what your next step will be.


At work, with friends and in your family, you’ll have to proceed with caution and tact in order to achieve balance. Compromise and change will be necessary.


A misunderstanding during a conflict at work will inspire you to make a career change. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons and to consult those closest to you before ma king a decision.


You’ll be idolized this week and this situation will ultimately change your life. You’ll be in the spotlight for one reason or another. At the very least, you’ll be recognized for something you accomplished.


You’ll make the decision to move. It may be time to sell the house if it seems too big now, especially if your kids have already moved out.


You won’t keep your opinions to yourself and you’ll say out loud what others are thinking. Someone may confide in you regarding a sensitive situation.


You’ll be presented with an interesting solution to your financial problems. The path will be cleared so you can finally redecorate your home or concentrate on another project that means a lot to you.

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