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Your Horoscope – April 1, 2020


You’ll finally succeed in sellingyour home. If you’ve lived there for many years, you’ll feel nostalgic and maybe a little rueful about the change.


You have everything it takes to become a public figure. Your ideas and opinions could bring people together to defend your interests. People will listen attentively to what you have to say.


A complicated financial situation won’t make a difficult romantic relationship any easier. It’s important to be affectionate with your partner, despite your concerns.


You’ll start the week ready to conquer the world. However, certain people will be upset and as a result, you may not be very kind to them.


Some reflection about your career is a must this week. Your health concerns will lead you to make a lifestyle change that eliminates stress. Prepare yourself for a new beginning.


Your social life will be in full swing this week. You’ll be surrounded by people and you’ll accept every invitation, regardless of how much it strains your budget.


You’re inspired to begin a new project. Making the right decisions now will guarantee that you have a comfortable retirement later. The future is built one day at a time.


You may take a spontaneous trip with friends this week. Travel and communication may be difficult, however, so you’ll need to learn to let go.


A meeting at the bank is all it takes to secure the financing you need for a certain project. As a result, you’ll be thrust into action this week. In your personal life, affection takes on new importance.


Compromises will need to be made if you want there to be harmony around you. You’ll be in charge of organizing a professional event that will bring many people together.


At work, you do your best to make all your customers happy, but some people just can’t be satisfied. Don’t take it personally; you’ll still accomplish the impossible.


If you’re single, you’ll be more popular than ever and will fall in love at first sight. Take the time to get to know the other person before declaring your love.

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