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Your Horoscope – April 15, 2020


With your boss away for one reason or another, you’ll find yourself taking over for them, much to your surprise. Trust your instincts and your leadership skills will shine.


With a business trip coming up, you may worry about your ability to communicate in a foreign language. Don’t fret; you’ll surpass your own expectations.


You may go back to school with the goal of making a career change. Your patience and hard work will provide you with an opportunity to get out of a precarious financial situation.


Generally, you’re not the type to hesitate before making a big decision. This time, however, you extensively deliberate the pros and cons first. What’s more, new information will come to light at the last minute.


At work, you’ll deal with emergencies and unsatisfied customers. Your smile will diffuse a tense situation and help you iron out one or more difficulties.


One way or another you’re sure to accomplish a great feat this week. You’ll be applauded for your efforts and held in great esteem. You may also save someone from a catastrophe.


If you have young children, they may be more excitable than usual. In order to restore peace at home, take the time to establish or clarify the house rules.


You can no longer keep your opinions to yourself and will express out loud what others are only thinking. You’ll have to get used to a new phone that’s much more complex than your old one.


Take the time to look over your bills and receipts. You may catch an error and recuperate a considerable amount of money.


Patience probably won’t be your greatest virtue in the days to come. Any money worries you have now will go away in time. Solutions will present themselves when you let bygones be bygones.


You’ll be hit by a wave of exhaustion this week and consequently need more rest than usual. Also, you’ll have a revelation that helps you approach your professional goals with newfound determination.


You’ll be in charge of an important group of people. However, the stress of handling everything on your own is exhausting and you’ll need to get some rest before the week is over.

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