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Your Horoscope – May 6, 2020


Emotions will run high this week, but the situation will inspire you and provoke big changes. You may even decide to embark on a spontaneous trip around the world.


You’ll face a difficult choice. Take the time to think it through before you make a decision. Otherwise, you’ll keep coming back to the same dilemma.


You’ll have a lot of work to do this week, but a file that was discreetly assigned to you could be very profitable. You may also start your own small business.


You’ll meet someone who might be your soulmate, and it’ll be love at first site. You’ll both know you were made for each other, but your family will encourage you to slow down.


If you’re moving soon, you’ll be in and out of home decor stores to make sure your new place is perfect. Take the time to reflect on what you want to say before you express your opinions.


Someone may confide in you, and you’ll be left feeling confused. You might need to let a friend go, especially if they owe you money or betrayed your trust.


A promotion at work will help ease your financial worries. All you have to do is knock on your boss’ door and make it happen. You’ll finally see a brighter future ahead.


Some rest is needed to replenish your energy and spirit. A breakthrough will open the door to a new level of spirituality that’ll change your life.


You may use your exceptional imagination to create a masterpiece from which you’ll greatly benefit. It’s time to make the effort to bring your friends together for a small party.


You’ll be responsible for organizing an event that brings many people together. This may help you uncover a new side of yourself. You’ll overcome your shyness and become more out going.


You’ll be given some interesting new responsibilities at work. These will help you develop new skills that may lead to a considerable increase in your salary.


You’ll have the opportunity to take a surprising trip, perhaps a pilgrimage of sorts. You’ll expand your horizons and use this growth to your personal and professional advantage.

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