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Your Horoscope – June 17, 2020


You’ll need to reassess your budget in detail. A group trip that you helped plan will guarantee new discoveries and adventure.


You’ll react impulsively to a particular situation. Remember that it’s important to consult the people around you. Think carefully before you make a decision to avoid financial troubles.


If you’re faced with a lot of unanswered questions about your life, you’ll have some kind of revelation this week. A dream may reveal the solution to a professional problem.


This week will be stressful, and you’ll need time to rest and recuperate. You’ll also have some ideas about changes you can make to your home decor or elsewhere around the house.


Despite some reservations, you’ll be tasked with organizing a social event. Whether it’s at your home or elsewhere, many of the people you love will come together.


Every big project begins with a dream, and you’ll be inspired to put your ideas into action. You’re seeking a more interesting personal and professional future.


You’ll feel overwhelmed with emotion this week, but the experience will inspire profound change. This may prompt you to embark on a revelatory pilgrimage.


You and your partner must learn to share your goals and move forward together. At times, it’s necessary to take a step back so you can see the path ahead more clearly.


You’ll be involved in important negotiations at work that’ll cause a lot of stress. Even if you’re not single, someone may declare their love and leave you confused.


A bruised ego may be what you need to strengthen your self-confidence. It’s not always easy to find yourself in the spotlight.


One of your children will impress you with an accomplishment. You’ll be filled with pride, even if it’s a small achievement. Your outspoken nature will lead you to great success at work.


You may decide to sell the family home, especially if your kids moved out a while ago. The time has come to live a more passionate life.

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