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Your Horoscope – June 24, 2020


If you have a move coming up, there will be little time to spare this week. Luckily, you’ll manage to stay on top of your schedule and plan your days carefully to ensure smooth sailing.


Your kids are over the moon about the start of the summer holidays, and you’ll spend a lot of time driving them around this week. You’ll be approved for a loan or get a great deal on a major purchase.


If there’s been something wrong with your relationship recently, don’t put off talking to your partner about it. Communication is the only way to fix the problem.


Show your employer or significant other that you can be bold. Take matters into your own hands. When you do, you’ll gain respect in all areas of your life.


If your relationship is relatively new, your partner will show signs of a deeper commitment. You may even consider living together or starting a family. Your imagination will run wild this week.


You’ll have a sudden urge to treat yourself. You deserve a few extra moments of happiness, so take the time to pamper yourself. You’ll be influenced by your friends’ opinions while shopping.


Whether you’re single or not, someone from work will make advances that take your breath away. You’ll feel some kind of pres sure from the people around you.


Summer is here and you have a big family trip planned. If you’re driving to your destination, don’t forget to pack a map or update the GPS.


You’ll be overjoyed by your children’s report cards. Their success will make it hard to refuse them anything. Be prepared for them to ask for the moon, or at least something outside of your budget.


If you’re not sure where your relationship stands, now’s the time to start a conversation with your partner. This will strengthen your bond.


You’ll contemplate starting your own business, which will eventually be very profitable. If you’re single, a special someone will enter your life, although they might be discreet and reserved at first.


In order to find your path in life, both professionally and personally, you need to build up your self-esteem and learn to respect yourself.

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