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Your Horoscope – July 22, 2020


To your delight, all eyes will be on you this week. People will be  hanging on to your every word, and you’ll take pride in your accomplishments.


You may spend part of the week indoors, and you’ll take steps to improve your environment and quality of life. You might also welcome a family member back home.


You’ll travel a considerable distance, but reconnecting with family will make it worthwhile. You may also find the means to treat yourself to a dream vacation this year.


You’ll get the answers you’re looking for, but you need to be patient. You might not get speedy replies from the people you invite to an event, but everyone will show up in the end.


Despite it being a hectic week, you might struggle to focus on work rather than on having fun. However, the announcement of a promotion will help you regain your motivation.


There’s a lot to get done this week, but confusion is in the air. Take time to think before you jump into anything. Your imagination will be in high gear, and you’ll create a masterpiece.


You’ll be surrounded by people and inevitably have to raise your voice to be heard. This will likely leave you feeling fatigued, and you’ll need time to rest and recover.


You’ll have your hands full, and time will be in short supply this week. Even while on vacation, you’ll need to schedule your days to ensure you don’t miss anything.


You’ll take a spontaneous trip. The idea of returning to school will cross your mind and could lead you to finding success in a more fulfilling career.


Strong emotions signal the need for a change. It’ll take effort and courage to bring about a major transformation. However, in the end you’ll regain your love of life.


You’re the best person to negotiate the conditions of your future, both personally and professionally. If you go shopping, you’re sure to find great deals. You’ll have to make several significant compromises this week.


You’ll have a very busy week at work and at home. Whether you’re on vacation or not, you’ll have to make adjustments to satisfy everyone. Pay attention to the details.

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