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Your Horoscope – July 29, 2020


You need to make changes for the sake of your mental well-being. You’ll likely decide to adopt a more spiritual lifestyle, and might even organize a pilgrimage.


You’ll be concerned about your financial situation after using your credit card on vacation. However, you’ll keep the party going for a bit longer before you rein in your expenses.


Wait until the end of your vacation to make an important decision. You should take the time to carefully consider the pros and cons. Otherwise, stress could push you to make the wrong choice.


There’s a lot to do this week and plenty of details to consider, both at work and at home. You’ll need to clean your environment if you want to clear your mind.


You’ll enjoy performances and other artistic events during your vacation. You’ll be the focus of everyone’s attention and receive a round of applause or some other form of praise.


A family matter or renovation project will likely take up most of your time. You’ll appreciate the comfort of your own home and surrounding yourself with family while on vacation.


You’ll be quite the chatterbox this week, and may end up talking to someone new on the phone. You’ll also have a lot of errands to run. Meanwhile, something out of the ordinary sparks your curiosity.


A worrying financial situation will motivate you to make changes for the better. You’ll successfully save up enough money to achieve a major goal or at least pay off some of your debt.


Sudden inspiration will send you in a new direction. You’ll find the determination to make a major transformation and seek a fresh start.


You’ll need to rest after spending time in a large crowd. If you’re on vacation, you’ll opt for a relaxing activity. A museum tour or a stroll through the woods will do you good.


You’ll organize an unexpected event and get together with all your loved ones. Your circle of friends will grow, and your popularity will be evident on social media.


You’ll take a spontaneous trip to an exciting destination. You’ll seriously contemplate the idea of resuming your studies or finding a job that’s more in line with your values.

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