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Your Horoscope – August 26, 2020


You’ll be driven by a profound desire for change. In particular, you might decide to transform your home and make a spontaneous trip to the hardware store to buy paint.


New clothes and a different hairstyle will help you feel more at ease in your day-to-day life. You’ll improve your self-esteem and feel more appreciated by others.


Some unexpected changes might be coming at work. If one of your colleagues loses their job, you could be asked to step into a new role.


If you’re asked to take on additional responsibilities, weigh the pros and cons before you accept. Consider whether this is truly an opportunity to showcase your strengths and add value to your life.


You’ll be in an excellent position to negotiate for something that will gain you prestige. You’ll be greatly appreciated by someone, even if it’s just for taking a few moments to listen to them.


You might adopt a completely new lifestyle, such as becoming a vegetarian. Your health will be a driving force behind these changes and you’ll need to break certain habits in order to feel better.


In your personal or professional life, you’ll find yourself in situations that allow for a lot of discussion. You’ll have the opportunity to broaden your social circle and make new connections.


If you’ve taken steps to receive financing for a professional project or to purchase a home, you’ll finally get some good news. Afterward, you’ll be in the mood to celebrate.


One minute the phone is ringing off the hook, the next it’s completely silent. If you leave a message with someone, be patient — you’ll have to wait for their reply.


Adopting better eating habits will benefit your health in unexpected ways. A radical change to your daily routine will give you a renewed sense of vitality.


You’ll develop a new circle of friends and share many adventures with them. They might even help you  discover a new type of spirituality. At work, your clientele expands considerably.


An advancement at work will catch you by surprise and leave you feeling more stressed. A chance to unwind will be necessary once everything is in order. A break is well deserved.

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