Your Horoscope – September 2, 2020


Your friends may invite you to join them on a weekend getaway, or your significant other will take you on a romantic adventure. A bit of solitude would do you a world of good.


You’ll be given new responsibilities at work that will lead to an exciting career opportunity in your field. You should anticipate needing a bit of extra time to complete all your projects.

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Your boss will likely encourage you to sign up for a training program that will open doors to a more promising future, or at least a promotion. A vacation to celebrate is also on the horizon.


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September offers you a fresh start. You’ll take the opportunity to thoroughly assess your daily routine and make sure your lifestyle is in line with your values.


You’re not always comfortable in a crowd, but it’ll be up to you to plan a large-scale event. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to be successful.


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You’ll have a lot on your plate at work, with a number of urgent matters to settle at home as well. Don’t hesitate to ask a family member to lend a hand — they’ll be happy to help.


Loved ones will encourage you to sign up for a weekly activity to help you stay in shape this winter. The experience would also be great for your self-esteem.

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You’ll dedicate considerable time and resources to creating the perfect love nest at home. You’ll find a lot of joy in this project, but it’ll be hard to get you out of the house.


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You’ll be on the go more than usual this week, and it’ll likely be to ferry loved ones around. You’ll also spend a fair amount of time on the phone or social media. You’ll be motivated by curiosity and find it easy to speak your mind.


You’ll have a pile of paperwork to get through at work. Although this will be a source of considerable stress, the additional income will surely be welcome.


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You’ll feel more energetic and optimistic. There’s a good chance you’ll find a way to treat yourself. Friends will convince you to go on a fun outing or shopping spree with them.


Stress is ubiquitous these days, so it’s important to occasionally take a step back and relax. Doing so will help you gain a better perspective, and the new outlook will make everything easier.

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