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Your Horoscope – October 7, 2020


Germs spread quickly at this time of the year. In particular, you should take steps to protect your respiratory system. Flu season will come early for you.


There will be a lot of confusion in the air, but you’ll use the opportunity to speak your mind. You’ll get answers and a fair measure of reassurance about a delicate subject.


Work and money will occupy most of your thoughts this week. You’ll contemplate your professional future and make changes if it doesn’t line up with your goals.


You’ll benefit from a shopping spree and possibly a whole new style. Friends will inspire you to follow new trends. You might also discover a new outlook on life as you explore your spirituality.


There’s a good chance you’ll get that long-awaited promotion, which will allow you to balance your work and family life. You’ll also widen your client base and make new connections.


If you have young children, you’ll become more responsible for their care. This won’t prevent you from maintaining an active social life as you’ll participate in more family activities.


A friend or family member will announce a spontaneous trip. You’ll need to be more energetic if you want your social life to thrive. You should also plan to spend more quality time with your partner.


An unconventional learning experience will leave you feeling inspired. You’ll decipher some disturbing information or understand a message that’s left others perplexed.


Following a dispute or argument, you’ll be able to restore harmony. You’ll also be much more open to compromise. You’ll finally be able to break a few bad habits.


You’ll be more than happy to join in on whatever fun activities your friends propose this week. Your competitive spirit and an urge to get moving will allow you to quickly get back into shape.


You’ll be assigned new responsibilities at work that will likely require a wardrobe update. With a fresh look, you’ll feel more confident meeting people and making your presence known.


You’ll devote a lot of time and energy to your family this week, and it’ll be hard to get you out of your house. People close to you will count on your generosity, but some might take advantage of it.

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