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Your Horoscope – October 21, 2020


As the cool weather sets in, you’ll start dreaming about a tropical vacation. You’ll be able to work extra hours to make it happen. Some travel opportunities will be more tempting than others.


You might finally be able to make a living from your passion. After making significant changes, you’ll follow a new path. A project will strengthen your romantic relationship and perhaps lead to a marriage proposal.


You’ll need to maintain an active social life if you want to preserve the connections you have with your friends. You’ll consider moving, if only to give yourself a change of scenery and more space.


You might have to devote more time than you anticipated to a particular project, but you’ll be proud of your perseverance. In particular, you’ll complete something that you kept putting off.


You’ll treat yourself to several new outfits to improve your self-esteem and help you adjust to new responsibilities at work. A confidence boost will be the secret to your success.


You’ll want to clean your house from top to bottom. Tidying up your living space by getting rid of clutter and unnecessary items will also help clear your mind.


You’ll struggle with communication and travel this week. You’ll have to wait a while to hear back from others, and you might find yourself driving in circles at times.


You’ll need to put in some extra hours at work. While your family might not like your new schedule, you’ll be glad when your next payment helps you clear a nagging debt.


If you start a new job or major project, you might face disappointment. Be patient. A candid conversation will help you adjust and get things back to the way you like.


After working hard at the office, it’s time to rest and make self-care a priority. Whether you travel alone, with friends or with your romantic partner, a brief getaway will restore your energy.


You’ll be surprised by your sudden popularity. Your intuition will guide you, and you’ll demonstrate your creativity. In fact, you might even complete a work of art.


You’ll feel strapped for time this week. Even if you manage your schedule well, you might still have to wait around for others. This will be a good exercise in the value of patience.

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