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Your Horoscope – November 4, 2020


Prepare to work overtime this week. If you fit the extra hours into your schedule, your efforts will be greatly rewarded. After ward, you’ll have the time and money to treat yourself.


This week, things will finally start to move forward after a long period of stagnation. How ever, your friends will prove to be a challenge. You’ll find the money you need to fund a special project or pay for a small luxury item.


One minute you feel like you’re treading water, the next like you’re advancing at full speed. Anyone can make a mistake, so keep an eye on your bills. You’ll open the door to a new challenge.


You’ll find yourself surrounded by brilliant people and, as a team, you’ll accomplish great things. You’ll also receive an award or other recognition in front of a large crowd, which will consequently boost your self-esteem.


There’s an opportunity to hit a home run at work this week. You’ll have more clients than usual, which means an increase in income. You’ll discover a new activity or spiritual practice that’s in line with your lifestyle and values.


If you keep track of deadlines, you’ll find it easy to stay on top of your workload. There’s no need to rush if you leave on time. A spontaneous trip might be on the horizon, and it’ll be just what you need.


Even if you’re sure that you know the right answer, it doesn’t hurt to reflect for a few days before you make a decision. New information might bubble to the surface and provide you with a different perspective on the situation.


You need to modify your diet and learn to unwind if you want to avoid getting heartburn. For the sake of your health and morale, you should try to achieve a better balance between keeping busy and taking time to relax.


Your spouse or partner will pay special attention to you. You might feel anxious after a medical exam. You’ll likely have to wait longer than expected for the results, but they won’t come as a surprise to you.


You’ll need to draw on your leadership skills. You might be asked to take over while your boss is on vacation or fill in for a coworker who’s away on sick leave.


You’ll start to flesh out plans for a family vacation over the holidays. Many of the small details, such as renewing your passport, will take longer than expected. You’ll also have to run a lot of errands.


You’ll bring together a large group of people to participate in an event that requires you to use your communication, organization and negotiation skills. Make sure to be on time as tardiness could cause an argument.

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