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Your Horoscope – December 2, 2020


You’ll discover a new gadget that makes it easier for you to communicate. People will find it easier to get a hold of you. You’ll need to run a lot of errands, so make sure your GPS is up to date to avoid going in circles.


You’ll go all out to impress people this holiday season. You may even decide to replace some of your furniture. You’ll also get rid of certain items that are taking up too much space in your home.


You’ll take initiative on a new project. You want to be in charge so that you can ensure that the work gets done right. New beginnings are on the horizon both in your career and your love life.


After a tiring few weeks, it’s important to take time to recharge and set new goals. If you haven’t been spending enough time with your family and friends, a reunion might be in order. You’ll be surprised by how much they’ve missed you.


You’ll find yourself in a crowded environment, and you’ll need to organize a large-scale event. Accept a friend’s invitation to go out. You need a night to let loose and relieve some of your stress.


Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to gain the will to move forward. A reprieve will allow you to see things from a new perspective. With more information, you’ll be able to analyze the situation and find the best solution.


Luck will be on your side at work and in your love life. People will come into your life at the right time and make things easier. Your ability to empathize will continue to be your superpower, and you’ll make good use of it.


A major change may bring up a stream of emotions. Nonetheless, you’ll benefit greatly from a new experience. Additionally, you’ll reconnect with a family member following an argument.


At work, you’ll reach an agreement that has a positive impact on your career. Since you foster a peaceful and collaborative environment, people will blindly trust you to guide them in the right direction.


You won’t be taken advantage of this week. At work and in other areas of your life, you’ll make changes that improve your efficiency. You’ll also become more dexterous after you take on a new creative project.


You’ll be sensitive and emotional this week. You might bring clarity to a complicated love affair. At work, you’ll be deeply moved by an award or some other form of recognition.


You’ll be able to get your work done at home. If you have young children, one of them might require a lot of your attention. You’ll need to talk to certain people and get a few things off your chest.

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