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Your Horoscope – December 30, 2020


Someone from a different background than yours may be at an upcoming social function. You’ll be open-minded and curious about their culture, and as a result, you’ll introduce various international ingredients into your cooking.


You’ll undoubtedly be a chatterbox and the life of the party — the jokes will keep on coming! You’ll help others to cheer up and let loose. Be careful getting home at night.


There are always extra expenses around this time of year. You’ll display your generosity and warm the hearts of those in need, even if they’re strangers to you. This will bring you joy as well.


You won’t miss out on any festivities. You’ll need to move, dance, let loose and, above all, be surrounded by others. You’ll propose a number of fun activities, including a host of fun games.


Avoid going to bed late whenever possible so that you can stay up celebrating when the time comes. You’ll also have to recoup a few hours of sleep or deal with a lingering cold or flu.


You might host an impromptu get-together, which will require extra effort to throw together at the last minute. You’ll devote all of your energy and attention to the people you love. You may experience a bit of fatigue and a mild cold.


You’ll be rather helpful during upcoming events. You’ll end up throwing an impressive party for a group of loved ones. Fun times are guaranteed if you make an effort to entertain others.


Encourage relatives to chip in for a group lottery ticket; luck will be on your side. You might also solidify plans with your family. In particular, you may organize a spontaneous trip, allowing you to realize a dream.


Even if there’s tension among your relatives, you’ll manage to alleviate it by bridging the gap or using some creative manipulation. Your organizational skills will prove effective, and you’ll be a hero in your family.


You’ll bring together friends and relatives for a New Year’s Eve party. You’ll succeed in reuniting two families that don’t always see eye to eye by being generous and paying attention to the details.


There’s a good chance you’ll host the next party, and you’ll be happy to wait on your loved ones. Even when you’re the guest, you’ll offer to help serve and clean up; you’ll want to feel useful.


You enjoy large gatherings and any opportunity to celebrate. You’ll certainly put on a show in one way or another. You’ll step into the spotlight by goofing around and saying things that get people’s attention.

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