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Your Horoscope – January 6, 2021


Watch out: it wouldn’t be surprising if a misunderstanding with some one close to you disrupts your routine. You’ll need to take special care when dealing with certain people, and you’ll feel like you’re walking on eggshells.


You can’t put off cleaning any longer. The holidays are over, and you need to move on to serious matters. At work, you’ll land the position of your dreams following the unexpected departure of a colleague.


Now’s an excellent time to embrace self-care and learn to respect yourself. You’ll also discover something you’re passionate about and take the first steps to steer your life in that direction.


Whether you have time off or not, you’ll spend the week with your family or at least at home. Use the next few days to reassess your de cor and move around some furniture to help clear your mind.


You’re facing a lot of pressure or too much stress. It’s hard to find balance. When you want solitude, you’ll be surrounded by people, but when you’re alone, you’ll be wishing your friends were around.


You’ll take the opportunity to return or exchange items in stores. You’ll also come across a bunch of great deals, and you’ll decide you can afford to treat yourself.


If you’re still off work, take the opportunity to spend time outdoors with family or friends. You’ll also feel the need to move. Even if it’s a solo trip, you’ll go on an adventure to satisfy your intrepid spirit.


You’ll be easily confused and distracted. You’ll start to feel a buildup of fatigue. Try to take advantage of your days off to get enough rest. You might also have too much on your plate.


The party continues! There will be plenty of occasions to celebrate, and you’ll be invited to all of them. At work, you’ll feel overwhelmed by a large and demanding group of clients.


Time will be in short supply, and you won’t be able to ignore any of your responsibilities. Your boss might also ask you to come into work when you were supposed to have time off.


A getaway might be planned at the last minute. You’ll also be incredibly excited about the idea of a new learning opportunity. For example, you might seriously consider going back to school.


You’ll head into the new year feeling very emotional. In both your personal and professional life, you’ll face new challenges that mark a kind of new beginning.

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