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Your Horoscope – March 31, 2021


You may have to jockey your way up the professional ladder to find success. There will be plenty of it, but first you’ll need to deal with a considerable amount of stress.


You’ll need to make a few compromises to reach a suitable agreement with certain people. You’ll get justice and settle a conflict before it escalates further.


There’s a lot of work ahead. The competition will know how to win you over by offering a more interesting position. You risk being tormented by questions about how to maintain your integrity.


You’ll attract a lot of attention after you successfully diffuse a situation by making people laugh at your antics. You can also expect some warm applause.


You’ll have plenty to do at home or with your family. Fortunately, your loved ones will see your balancing act as heroic. You’ll demonstrate your ability to be responsible by establishing your priorities.


You’ll know just what to say to stand out from the crowd and make your point. You’ll spend the week driving people around so you can show off your new car.


You may take steps toward buying a property or finding a more suitable place to live. At the very least, you’ll shop around for something for the family. It’ll end up being quite the adventure.


You’re a dynamic person who’s up for any challenge, be it at work or in other areas of your life. A quick vacation with your partner, friends or family would be appreciated. No matter how old they are, children can be a challenge.


If you let yourself become fatigued, you’ll be more vulnerable to germs. Don’t forget to make time for rest when you have several demanding projects on the go.


You’ll be surrounded by confused people, and you’ll occasionally need to take some alone time. You’ll also be inspired to explore a new form of spirituality with others who are close to you.


Time is in short supply for many people and this week, you’re no exception. You’ll need to work extra hard at your job to get everything done on time.


Either with your partner or your friends, you’ll start to plan a trip abroad or somewhere local. You’ll also make changes at home, even if it’s just moving furniture around.

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