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Your Horoscope – May 26, 2021


You’ll be feeling irritable and overly sensitive. Perhaps radical changes are afoot. You may need to strengthen certain areas of your life to put you on solid ground.


Your love life will be the focus of your attention this week, including planning your future as a couple. If you’re single, you’ll be actively seeking a romantic partner.


Your health will be a priority. You might commit to a new lifestyle that will prove quite effective. It won’t be long before you see results, and you’ll inspire others to make similar changes.


You’ll stand out from the crowd at work or elsewhere. You’ll be proud of a rather daring feat, which will increase your leadership abilities. Mars in your sign will give you strength.


You’ll spontaneously decide to buy or sell a property. You’ll find a place that better suits the needs of your family, even if it’s slim pickings and you wait until the last minute.


You’ll have a lot of ideas to share, or you’ll give a speech that will be well received. You’ll get help from people who know how to solve complex financial problems.


You’ll have a lot of shopping to do this week. Keep an eye out for good deals, or try to negotiate a better repayment plan for any loans so you can pay less interest.


It’ll be a busy week, and you’ll set in motion a number of projects that inspire you. It’s only by going after your dreams that you can accomplish great things in life.


A loved one might need your help. Also, health concerns or fatigue could slow you down. Take some time to recharge and improve your well-being.


You’ll expand your social circle and your professional network. You’ll be responsible for a large-scale event that will be a huge success despite numerous restrictions.


You’ll find yourself with a long list of personal and professional obligations. If you have young children, you’ll be involved in their end-of-year school activities, which will make them very happy.


The time has come to plan your next vacation; treat yourself to a luxurious trip. There will be a lot of details to consider, especially if several people want to come with you.

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