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Your Horoscope – June 23, 2021


Try to make time for a relaxing vacation this summer. You have all the tools you need to start your own business, and you’ll have the support of several experts.


You exude understanding and collaboration, or at least aspire to keep the peace. People can’t help but smile in your presence. You’ll find solutions to settle a debt or renovate a property.


You’ll be able to lead important negotiations or close a deal that’s been dragging on for too long. Don’t be afraid of change; it’ll be nothing but beneficial to you.


You’ll be the focus of everyone’s attention, much to your surprise. Expect to be recognized for doing something heroic, even if it’s just listening to the right person.


It wouldn’t be surprising if one of your kids doesn’t like their day camp, much to your dismay. This situation will need to be resolved quickly, so give it your full attention and consider taking a day off work.


When you take a vacation, be sure to rely on your GPS to avoid going in circles before you reach your destination. Some downtime at home will do you a lot of good.


You’ll be in a good position to claim a refund or request a price adjustment. You’ll think about signing up for a short training program this summer to advance your career.


Your friends and family members will ask a lot of you this week, and you’ll have a hard time saying no. Fortunately, they’ll be very appreciative of your hard work and devotion.


You’ll take advantage of the summer to commit to a new professional or personal project. You’ll surround yourself with great partners in order to complete it. Be careful of waste.


This will be a roller coaster of a week for your energy level. You’ll receive excellent news about a loved one’s health, and a party will be planned at the last minute to celebrate.


Time is in short supply, and you’ll have no choice but to be more organized if you want to accomplish everything you have planned. You’ll participate in a surprising event that brings you much happiness.


If you’re looking for a job, someone close to you will help guide you toward a remarkable career. You’ll take on a project close to your heart, such as going on a trip or starting a company.

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