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Winnebago County deputies cleared in fatal officer-involved shooting

ROCKFORD — There will be no criminal charges filed against two Winnebago County deputies who fatally shot 27-year-old Faustin Guetigo earlier this year.

Winnebago County State’s Attorney J. Hanley said during a press conference Thursday that Guetigo was shot eight times April 10 inside his 2191 Bellwort Drive home. Hanley said a total of 12 shots were fired, 11 by Sgt. Joseph Broullard and one by Deputy Gabriel Eiten. He said forensic evidence did not determine if Eiten’s shot hit Gueitigo though, as Eiten and Broullard were both using a Glock 21 service weapon.

Hanley said his job in the investigation was to look at the evidence compiled by the Winnebago Boone Integrity Task Force and determine if charges were warranted. What he examined, he said, did not constitute a crime.

“Based upon the evidence reviewed and the applicable legal standards, Sgt. Broullard and Deputy Eiten’s use of deadly force was justified,” the prosecutor said.

Hanley added that his job was not to determine whether the deputies followed department policy. That determination would fall under the scope of Sheriff Gary Caruana.

The incident began around 11:30 a.m., when a deputy responded to a domestic-violence call and met with Guetigo’s fiancé, Rose Ndoroum, who said the couple got into an argument at their 2191 Bellwort Drive duplex. Hanley said the argument was about Ndoroum’s special needs son, and that Guetigo did not want him to live in their apartment.

“Ndoroum confronted Guetigo about this and they began to argue,” Hanley said. “Guetigo only wanted their common son to live with them. Guetigo got mad at Ndoroum and began punching her on the top of her head and on her face with a closed fist.”

After interviewing Ndoroum at a local gas station, deputies attempted to locate Guetigo at the couple’s home but did not find him. At around 5:45 p.m, Ndoroum called 911 again and reported another domestic disturbance. A deputy responded and attempted to detain Guetigo outside the home but Guetigo resisted and ran inside. Deputies were told a 2-year-old child was also inside the apartment.

After another deputy obtained a key from Ndoroum, Broullard entered the home with his firearm drawn and called for Guetigo before opening the basement door and locating him near the bottom of the stairs.

“Sgt. Broullard opened the door and saw Guetigo on the stairway with an object in his hand,” Hanley said. “Sgt. Broullard commanded Guetigo to ‘drop it’ several times. Guetigo charged at Sgt. Broullard and Stg. Broullard began shooting at Guetigo. Guetigo continued coming up the stairs and once he got to the top of the stairs, attacked Sgt. Broullard with a metal pipe.”

Mortally wounded, Guetigo hit Broullard in the right hand and top of the head, knocking him unconscious. Eiten opened fire from outside, shattering glass on the screen door.

“It seemed that the gun fire had no effect on (Guetigo),” Broullard wrote in his report. “He continued to advance and he struck at me with his weapon. …I received a second strike to my head that made my vision go completely black and all the strength left my body as I went unconscious. I have no memory of what happened after going unconscious to anything done to include gunfire or actions taken by other deputies.”

Broullard and Guetigo were transported to OSF St. Anthony Medical Center. Guetigo was pronounced dead. Broullard received nine stitches in his head. Hanley said it took him weeks to fully recover.

Broullard is expected to be back on the job Friday. The shooting was captured by body-worn cameras.

Winnebago County Sgt. Joseph Broullard received nine stitches in his head after being struck in the head with a metal pipe during an altercation with 27-year-old Faustin Guetigo April 10. Broullard and another deputy discharged their service weapons during the incident, killing Guetigo. (PHOTO PROVIDED)






A metal pipe recovered inside Faustin Guetigo’s home April 10, 2021. Authorities say Guetigo hit Winnebago County Sgt. Joseph Broullard in the head, knocking him unconscious during a struggle inside the home. Broullard and another deputy fired their service weapons during the incident, killing Guetigo. (PHOTO PROVIDED)



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