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Your Horoscope – August 25, 2021


Avoid burning the candle at both ends, especially if your health isn’t great right now. All it takes is reconnecting with a loved one to create memorable moments. You’ll discover a new approach to spirituality that improves your well-being.


You’ll need to upgrade your wardrobe for work. With new clothes and a fresh look, you’ll be more confident in your ability to do business. Creativity is a good tool for professional development.


You’ll be in charge of a major meeting at work or a large family reunion. Your composure will fuel your accomplishments and even lead to resolutions. With a bit of planning, almost anything is within your grasp.


As you complete a training program of some kind, you’ll clearly redefine your career path so that it better aligns with your goals and values. A quick getaway might be organized at the last minute.


You’ll feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. Take the time to talk with loved ones about what’s on your mind. Their open-minded responses will surprise and calm you. Change brings its own host of concerns.


Consensus and harmony aren’t easy to achieve with some people. In particular, avoid talking about money with family members. After a turbulent period, restoring the peace requires a lot of patience.


At work, you’ll be responsible for dealing with a variety of urgent situations, and you’ll have to walk on eggshells around certain colleagues and clients. Tact and diplomacy are needed to help keep the peace. The same is true in your relationships.


It’ll require a lot of effort to accomplish everything on your to-do list. You’ll likely be applauded for one reason or another. All sorts of people will praise you for a particular accomplishment.


Spending quality time with your family requires a fair bit of energy, but it also brings a feeling of gratitude. Your loved ones will feel confident around you, and you’ll be the focus of their attention.


You’ll have a lot of errands to run, and your kids could have you playing chauffeur. Don’t forget to figure out where you’re going before you hit the road. You’ll finally hear from someone living abroad.


You’ll have a few loose ends to tie up with your bank. You’ll also get some clarity about matters of the heart. Good communication skills can work miracles in any circumstance. Learn to be more assertive.


You’ve got a busy week in store. You might even take up a new sport with a great deal of enthusiasm. Your love life will feel like an exciting adventure. As for your work, you’ll find new ways to consolidate your income.

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