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Your Horoscope – October 20, 2021


With the dreary, cold weather upon you, you’ll feel the need to stay in shape. This might prompt you to join a gym so you can exercise more regularly.


There’s no need to rush your decision. Let life’s ebb and flow guide you and carry you to the right destination. Listen to your intuition over the next few days.


Watch your step or you risk making a blunder that will leave those around you laughing. Fortunately, only your pride will be hurt, and you’ll manage to ease the tension in the room.


Time is in short supply. It would be a really bad idea to schedule too many appointments on the same day. Otherwise, some of them may end up overlapping. A vacation might do you good.


As the days get increasingly shorter, you’ll be eager to find an activity to brighten your mood. A new pursuit will bring you a feeling of excitement that will make you want to go out and celebrate more often.


You’ll feel overly sensitive, and an event will push you to make changes in your life. At work, one of your company’s competitors will try to woo you with better conditions and opportunities for advancement.


You need to spruce up your look, and you won’t be able to resist spoiling yourself. You’re adept at negotiating good prices or cutting better deals for yourself and at work.


At work, you find yourself stuck with all the emergencies and problematic files. Fortunately, this will benefit you in the long run by providing you with new tools for the next step in your career.


Your pride will be put to the test. Fortunately, you’ll have the opportunity to show off. Just make sure it’s for the right reasons, and remember to share valuable information.


You’ll have to deal with some small, family-related obligations. You might also have to stay home for part of the week to keep an eye on renovations or wait for a delivery that’s expected to arrive.


You may find yourself being pulled in several directions at once. Plus, your phone won’t stop ringing. Avoid any type of criticism of your partner or loved ones if you want to preserve the hard-won peace you’ve earned.


Be careful with your money, and try to stick to your budget as much as possible. There could be unexpected expenses around the corner related to your home or family. Discipline will become necessary if you have young children.

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