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Your Horoscope – November 3, 2021


You’ll find yourself with quite a bit of work to do, and a minor cold could slow you down. Make sure you get enough sleep. You’ll also need to pay more attention to your health in general.


You’ll find yourself in the spotlight for some reason. Fortunately, you’ll be able to lighten the mood with your quick wit. Someone may share a secret with you that will leave you wondering what to do.


You might have some work to do on your house before winter. A family member will be a source of concern. If you plan on moving, you’ll need to prepare well in advance if you want to make things easier on yourself.


Don’t forget to use a GPS app when you hit the road so you don’t wind up driving in circles. You’ll finally get confirmation on certain matters, and you’ll return calls from important people.


You’ll finally receive a sum of money that’s been owed to you for quite some time. You’ll win the battle for a re fund or insurance claim. Justice will be on your side this week.


You’ll have a front-row seat to an interesting event. Your initiatives will get things moving. In your professional life, everything is falling into place for that funding or raise you’ve been after.


The week will begin with confusion. You’ll need a second cup of coffee to keep you alert. You’ll have your head in the clouds on several occasions, but this will encourage creativity.


Colleagues and relatives will put you in charge of numerous activities when you would prefer to play a supporting role. Have faith in yourself, and you’ll impress many people.


If the company you work for is restructuring, you’ll feel a little bit anxious about keeping your job. Fortunately, you’ll have the opportunity to move up the ladder to a senior management position.


You may suddenly be inspired to start a training program that could lead to some exciting new career opportunities. As for your spiritual side, you’ll find that you need to strengthen your convictions.


You’ll be more sensitive than usual and easily moved. Change could generate some anxiety, but you’ll find the outcome to be quite liberating. You’ll begin the process of buying property.


It’s important to gather all the necessary information before making a decision, even if you feel rushed. Take the time to reflect on your choices before you show your hand to others.

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