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Your Horoscope – November 24, 2021


You’ll be a chatterbox this week, but luckily there will always be someone around who wants to talk. At work, you’ll expand your clientele considerably, and you might even make some new friends.


You’ll find some money tucked away, perhaps in the pocket of an old ski jacket that you forgot about last year. In your love life, you need to communicate more openly, if only to receive the affection you desire.


You’ll start to plan various events that you need to attend in the near future. If you’re feeling a heavy emotional weight on your shoulders, some self-reflection would probably do you good.


Silence can often be worth more than words. You have an extraordinary well of creativity to draw upon. The comfort you feel at home will allow you to create a work of art or open yourself up to a spiritual practice.


Some friendships don’t deserve your attention, so you may need to clean up your social circle. You’ll take a liking to some of your colleagues as you collaborate on a project and take on a leadership role.


It’s normal to want to celebrate after accomplishing a feat or completing a major project. That’s why you won’t hesitate to join in on any festivities organized by your coworkers or loved ones.


You need to have fun, and procrastination is in the air. Remember that relaxation is necessary at times. Afterward, you’ll be able to move forward with more determination and avoid any kind of delays or distractions.


If your family is scattered across the country, you’ll start to plan a wonderful holiday tour to visit everyone. Alternatively, you’ll consider going on vacation with your loved ones.


You’re a master in the art of negotiation. At work or elsewhere, you’ll successfully reach an agreement on the financing for a project. You might find yourself afraid to disappoint those around you.


You’ll have a successful week, especially if you work in sales. You’ll see an increase in customers to the point where management will have no choice but to promote you. You’ll also be good at managing the little details.


At work, it’s important to have a put-together look so you can present yourself in the best light. Being able to joke around will also be well received by your superiors. In love, passion leads to commitment.


You’ll have a few small family matters to take care of. Don’t hesitate to talk openly about them, as silence can increase the risk of miscommunication at home. You may have to work late into the evening this week.

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