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Your Horoscope – December 15, 2021


You’ll regain your vitality as the shortest day of the year approaches. You’ll think up plenty of ways to break up your routine. You might even be able to arrange a short trip somewhere.


You want to live in harmony with the world. To do so, it may help to avoid checking the news or social media for a while, and instead let yourself be transported to a better world with a good book or TV show.


Your presence will be required to keep several people on task. You might also need to be in the middle of a crowd, which will make you uncomfortable. Cleaning up your social circle could be in order.


You’ll find yourself doing all the planning for the holidays. At work, time is in short supply, and there are numerous tasks to complete before the end of the year. Some friendships will require a lot more energy than others.


You’ll want to trade the brutal winter weather for the feeling of warm sand beneath your feet and hot sun on your skin. Perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to discover a new approach to spirituality, such as by going on a pilgrimage.


You’re sensitive, so it won’t take much to get the waterworks going. Change is needed to regain your zest for life. A few celebrations will bring that smile back to your face, so don’t refuse any invitations.


You can’t please everyone, despite your best efforts and any compromises you make. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons, and you may need to roll out the red carpet in a few cases, at work or elsewhere.


You’ll be efficient when it comes to fulfilling all your obligations, both at work and at home. You’ll be meticulous, which will ensure that your home is perfectly decorated for the holidays.


You’ll be placed on a pedestal after having achieved something heroic and remarkable. You might get involved in volunteer work, which could be what garners you rewards and recognition.


You might have to change your holiday plans at the last minute. You may also need to rethink your decorations at home. A family member will require a bit of extra attention.


You might buy yourself a new car as a Christmas present. You have a lot of errands to run and shopping to get done. There will be a many small details to consider.


You’ll spoil yourself and the whole family for the holidays. There could also be a problem when it comes time to pay your bills. In your love life, you’ll find yourself in need of affection and pampering from your partner.

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