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Your Horoscope – December 22, 2021


Even if you didn’t anticipate it, festivities will take place at your home and you’ll have a lot of preparations to make. You’ll need to be delicate and tactful when dealing with a few of your relatives.


You’ll put on some kind of show. At work, you’ll receive recognition for an achievement. When it comes to matters of the heart, remember that it’s a magical time for marriage proposals.


Even if you try to stick to a budget, your generosity will prevail and you’ll spoil your loved ones. You could be faced with an unexpected expense. Fortunately, there’ll be plenty of extra work to go around.


You’ll be the person who puts a smile on everyone’s face. Use caution when running errands. You might consider buying a new car as a Christmas present to yourself.


You might make it to the end of the year feeling exhausted. A healthy diet should help you regain your strength and give you the energy you need to enjoy your time off.


You’ll suggest new activities to do as a family over the holiday season. You’ll book plane tickets, a hotel and excursions at the last minute so that you can spend quality time together in an enchanting environment.


Avoid waiting until the last minute to get things done, both at work and in terms of your holiday preparations. It’s a good idea to let loose, enjoy the moment and accept that not everything can be perfect.


At work, you’ll participate in a gift exchange. Among your family, you’ll be surprised to find that everyone has accepted your invitation and your home will be packed for the holidays.


At work, your boss will ask a lot of you just before you’re set to take time off. A lot of responsibilities will fall on your shoulders, and some of the people who were supposed to help won’t be around.


Take a break from your responsibilities to sort out the concerns that are on your mind. This will leave you with a clear head to have fun and go on an adventure. You’ll give more attention to your relationship.


Against all odds, your boss will give you new responsibilities that look suspiciously like a promotion. You’ll get the raise to go with it. The path to personal and professional success, however, is still hidden from you.


If you’re single, you’ll be surprised to meet someone new at this time of year. Your people skills will help you find a solution to a family conflict and ensure harmony throughout the holidays.

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