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Your Horoscope – December 29, 2021


It would be wise to steer clear of family conflicts, especially if they don’t concern you. However, you might be able to save the day helping two relatives bury the hatchet.


You won’t be able to sit back and relax at parties. You’ll be on your feet serving or otherwise helping out. When it comes to matters of the heart, the magic of the holidays will reignite passion in your relationship.


You’ll find yourself the focus of everyone’s attention. You can make people laugh with your sarcasm. You might even get a round of applause from time to time, which will give you an ego boost.


You’ll spend the week with your family. You’ll enjoy lots of quality time with your children or elderly parents. You’ll also have the opportunity to recharge your batteries. Some time alone at home will spark your imagination.


You’ll be outspoken and assertive, which will help make things run smoothly. You’re always right, even if you’re not always tactful. The important thing is to get results.


The parties you host are sure to be spectacular despite your limited budget. Your ideas and determination are remarkable. You’ll also receive a lot of affection from your partner.


You’ll be surprised by how many initiatives you put forward. People will follow you without question, even when you’re acting on impulse. You’ll organize a unique event at the last minute.


For some people, now is a good time for recollection. You’ll spend some time reflecting on the good and the bad. By taking stock, you’ll find that you have a particular openness to some form of spirituality.


You’ll pull off quite a feat, and it’ll be remembered for a long time, especially if it involves bringing together people who don’t get along very well. If you’re single, a coworker will take advantage of a quiet moment to get to know you.


There’s lots to do. You’ll organize a marvelous event for the whole family, and it’ll be a success. Be careful, and make sure the end of the year doesn’t catch you off guard just because you didn’t prepare enough.


You’ll buy lottery tickets as a family, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you could afford to end the Christmas holidays with a trip. At the very least, you’ll have a lot of fun and spoil your loved ones.


A family secret will be revealed to you. You’re a sensitive soul, and you’ll deliver a moving speech. An emergency at the office will require your attention while you’re in the middle of a celebration.

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