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Your Horoscope – May 4, 2022


Expect a move soon. You’ll browse home decor shops to find furniture and accessories that express your personality. Measure your words when speaking around certain people.


Someone will tell you a secret that leaves you perplexed. You may toy with the idea of revealing it. It’s time to cut ties with some of your friends, especially if they owe you money or have betrayed your trust.


You’ll be promoted at work, which will help ease some of your financial stress. Make the first move and ask your boss for a raise. You’ll finally see a brighter future open up.


You must take time to rest to regain your passion and drive. You’ll receive enlightenment that moves you to explore your spirituality and adopt a new, more stimulating way of life.


You have an active imagination. You may complete a masterpiece that pays off handsomely. Getting your friends together for a festive gathering will take some effort.


You’ll oversee an event with friends or an important work meeting. You’ll discover a new side to yourself by overcoming your shyness and being extroverted.


You’ll be given new and challenging responsibilities at work, which will allow you to develop new skills that could lead to a raise in the next few weeks.


You’ll go on a surprising adventure like a pilgrimage. This experience will broaden your horizons and allow you to develop your personal and professional skills.


You’ll run the gamut of emotions this week. However, these feelings will bring about a transformation. You may spontaneously decide to leave home, move to another city or travel globally.


You’ll be forced to make a heartbreaking decision. Think carefully before deciding. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll waver back and forth and lose precious time.


You’ll be busy at work this week. You’ll be entrusted with an important task that could make you a lot of money. You may also start your own small business, which will be profitable.


You may fall in love at first sight with someone who turns out to be your soul mate. You’ll discover that you’re made for each other. However, your family may put a damper on things.

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