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Your Horoscope – May 18, 2022


Someone will confide in you, or you’ll discover a big secret. You may have to decipher a message in another language or decode a comment from your significant other.


Your emotions will run high. You may experience tears of joy. One of your children may be doing something special, like taking their first steps or receiving a degree.


If you want to reach a fair agreement, you must put your feelings aside during a negotiation. You must also closely follow the laws and regulations to avoid future problems.


You’ll have a heavy workload and won’t have time to take a breather at work. If you’re not at your best, take the time to rest and regain your energy to brave the storm.


You’ll feel extremely proud after accomplishing a brilliant feat and discovering a hidden talent. Your family life may be a source of stress.


You may have to spend part of the week at home. You’ll paint a wall or work on a home renovation project. You may spontaneously decide it’s time to move.


You’ll speak your mind. If you have a secret, you may find it hard to keep it to yourself. You could accidentally let it slip, leaving many people perplexed.


Now is an excellent time to start thinking seriously about buying or selling a property. You’ll surprise yourself by realizing you have the means to do so.


At times, you’ll feel as though you’re being pushed around. When you’re up against the wall, you’ll get a lot of things settled and manage to make contact quickly. You’ll be surprised to finally get a return call.


You’ll use your imagination to create a masterpiece. You’ll also attend a show or exhibition that leaves a lasting impression on you.


You’ll have a very active social life. All your friends will want to see you at the same time. You’ll attend a few high-profile gatherings and will always have someone to talk to.


You may start your own business. At the very least, you’ll move towards a position of power at work. You’ll happily settle into this new role until you retire.

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