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Your Horoscope – June 22, 2022


In your love life, a new flame will declare their commitment to you. You may also consider the idea of living together or starting a family. You’ll be very imaginative this week.


It’s time to spoil yourself. You’ll be influenced by your friends to go shopping. Make sure you take time to pamper yourself; you deserve to have a good time.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, someone at work will make romantic advances that leave an impression on you. You may also feel some pressure from those around you.


The summer holidays are just around the corner. You’ll plan a trip for you and your family. Don’t forget to bring a GPS or an old map if you’re driving because you may not have any cell service.


You’ll be impressed by your children’s grades in school and won’t be able to refuse any of their requests. You should expect a family member to ask you for the moon, or at least for something beyond your understanding.


If you’re questioning your romantic relationship, you’ll speak your mind to set the record straight. This honesty will allow you to deepen your love and take the next step forward together.


You’re thinking about starting your own business, which will eventually pay off. Although discreet and reserved, your soul mate will make themselves known. Be patient with your significant other, especially if they’re not very graceful.


You must develop your self-esteem to make your way in the world. This applies to your professional, romantic and personal spheres of life. It’s equally important to respect yourself.


The night before a big move, you’ll be pressed for time. Fortunately, you’ll manage to be efficient and arrange your agenda to avoid delays, scheduling conflicts and other inconveniences.


You’ll have to drive your young children to and from their friend’s houses during the summer holidays. You’ll get a loan or negotiate a reasonable price for a major purchase.


If your relationship lacks affection, you’ll be eager to raise the subject with your partner and set the record straight. This openness will help improve your relationship.


You’ll have a take-charge attitude with your employer or significant other. You’ll take matters into your own hands to gain respect in all areas of your life.

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